Learn Orthodontics

Archwire Placement

Equipment Required

  1. Fixed adjustment kit
  2. Archwire
  3. Modules and/or powerchain
fixed kit


  1. Select archwire - discuss its selection with the supervising staff, and cut approximately to length. Then place the archwire in place. If molar bands are fitted make sure the archwire is inserted in the most occlusal tube.
  2. bandwire 1
    bandwire 2
    bandwire 3
    bandwire 4
  3. Using the mosquito forceps grip and remove a module from its 'tree'
  4. module mosquito
  5. Hook the module onto one wing of the bracket, then over the remaining wings to hold the archwire in place
  6. module mosquito 1
    module mosquito 2
    module mosquito 3

    Videos showing placement and removal of modules

  7. Use the distal end cutters to cut the end of the archwire tight against the last bracket or molar tube
  8. distal end
  9. If using power chain, place it in a similar manner to modules
  10. Video showing placement and removal of powerchain

  11. Make sure there are no sharp parts of the appliance which may cause injury
  12. Give patient and parent(s) instructions on care of the appliance and what to do if a breakage occurs