Learn Orthodontics

Debonding Fixed Appliances

Equipment Required

  1. Debonding pliers and band fit kit
  2. fixed kit
  3. Handpiece (single green), composite removing bur, rubber cup and prophy paste
  4. NB A Composite removing bur is specially designed to cut composite, but not to cut enamel

  5. Modules and/or powerchain


  1. Using the debonding pliers - grip and squeeze a bracket until the bond fails, repeat for all brackets.
  2. debond 1
    debond 2

    Video of debonding

  3. Using band removing pliers remove the bands
  4. Video of band removal

  5. Isolate and dry the tooth (it makes it easier to see remaining composite)
  6. debond 3
  7. Using the handpiece and composite removing bir remove any remaining composite and glass ionomer. The composite removing burs are designed not to cut enamel, and must be used dry to prevent the bur clogging.
  8. debond 4
    debond 5

    Video of composite removal

  9. Use the rubber cup and prophy paste to give a through prophylaxis to the tooth surfaces.
  10. Take impressions for study models and retainers.