Learn Orthodontics

Fitting Bands

Equipment required

  1. Handpiece, rubber cup and oil free prophy paste
  2. Band fit kit (Band pusher, bite stick, band removing pliers, etc.)image of fit kit IS THERE SUPPOSED TO BE AN IMAGE HERE???
  3. Cotten wool rolls
  4. Glass ionomer cement, glass mixing slab and spatula


  1. Remove any separators present (use a probe to hook them out)
  2. band sep 1 band sep 2
  3. Select the band size to be fitted (see how to position bands) and press into place using band seater.
  4. band fit 1 band fit 2

Equipment required

  1. Separator pliers or Dental Floss or Mosquitos
  2. Separator

Procedure (3 Methods)

  1. Pliers

  2. Separators are placed over the end of the separator pliers and squeezed between the teeth. EXTREME CARE is needed in order that the pliers do not slip and cause injury

    seps pliers 2 seps pliers 1
  3. Floss

  4. Two lengths of Dental Floss is threaded through the separator.

    floss sep 1

    The dental floss is used to 'slide' the separator between the teeth, the dental floss is then removed.

    floss sep 2 floss sep 3
  5. Mosquitos

  6. seps mos3 seps mos4 seps mos2 seps mos1