Learn Orthodontics

Fitting Brackets

Equipment required

  1. Handpiece, rubber cup and oil free prophy paste
  2. Cheek retractors, saliva ejector and aspirator
  3. Bracket placement forceps
  4. Transbond orthodontic adhesive, primer and acid etch
  5. Light curing unit


  1. Undertake a through prophylaxis of the teeth to be bonded
  2. Using the cheek retractors and saliva ejector isolate and dry the buccal surfaces of the teeth to be bonded
  3. chek retractors
  4. Acid etch (using 37% phosphoric acid) the buccal surface of the teeth to be bonded for 30 seconds
  5. Wash and dry the teeth
  6. Using a brush applicator lightly wet the surface of the buccal enamel with Transbond primer
  7. Using the bracket placement forceps place Transbond composite adhesive on the mesh of the bracket. Place the bracket on the tooth surface. (NB. keep the operating light off the teeth as it will set the composite)
  8. Use a probe or flat plastic to correctly position the bracket and clean away any excess composite
  9. bracket place
  10. Get a member of staff to check bracket positions
  11. Light cure the brackets individually for 20 seconds from either side of the bracket
  12. light cure
  13. You are now ready to place the archwire.

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