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Placing Separators

Separators are place 7-10 days before band placement (often on the same visit as bond-up) to separate the molar teeth slightly. This facilitates band placement. Usually elastomeric separator are used, but either brass wire or Kesling separator can be used (see staff for more information on these alternatives)


Equipment required

  1. Separator pliers or Dental Floss or Mosquitos
  2. Separator

Procedure (3 Methods)

  1. Pliers

  2. Separators are placed over the end of the separator pliers and squeezed between the teeth. EXTREME CARE is needed in order that the pliers do not slip and cause injury

    seps pliers 2 seps pliers 1
  3. Floss

  4. Two lengths of Dental Floss are threaded through the separator.

    floss sep 1

    The dental floss is used to 'slide' the separator between the teeth, the dental floss is then removed.

    floss sep 2 floss sep 3
  5. Mosquitos

    • Hold the separator between 2 sets of mosquitos.
    • Using the mosquitos slide the separator between the teeth.
    seps mos3 seps mos4 seps mos2 seps mos1