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Quad Helix :band selection and fit

Firstly separate upper molar teeth (as per band fit). Usually the week before band placement,separators are placed in order to move the adjacent teeth slightly apart.

band sep 1

Leave seperators in place for 7-10days. This creates slight spacing between the teeth making it easier for the operator, and reduces the discomfort to the patient, when fitting bands. Band selection is usually made on a trial-and-error basis. You can get an indication of the correct size by comparing bands of different sizes with the patient's study models.

band fit 3

Bands are placed over the tooth so that they are a tight fit, band pushers are carefully used to press the band into place. Care is required as it is easy to slip and damage the soft tissues.

band fit 1 band fit 2

Once bands are selected, take an impression over the bands. Remove impression, remove the bands (replace seperators to maintain the space) and place the bands carefully and securly in the impression. Write up lab sheet prescription and send to lab. Quad Helix construction usually takes between 2-3 weeks.

Once quad helix is back - check it is manufactured for the right patient to your prescription

img 3272

Check fit in mouth

img 3276
img 3277
img 3278

If OK, activate by expanding the Quad Helix by about 1 molar width

img 3273
img 3274
img 3275

The nurse mixes Glass Ionomer cement and places in the bands. The Glass Ionomer cement is mixed to 'whipped cream' consistency, then loaded from the gingival edge of the band, any excess cement will be pushed incisally so ensuring no voids on fitting.

img 3280
img 3282
img 3283

Cement Quad Helix in place - place one side first, then compress the Quad Helix and place the other side. Remove any excess Glass Ionomer.

DO NOT allow a rinse or eating for 5-10 minutes as it takes that time for Glass Ionomer to set. Give care instructions

img 3284
img 3285
img 3286
img 3287
img 3288