Learn Orthodontics

Fitting Removable Appliances


  1. URA adjust kit (Adams pliers, Round-flat pliers, Mauns cutters)
  2. rem instruments

  3. Straight handpiece, acrylic cutting bur (preferably tungsten carbide)


  1. Check
    • That the appliance is for the patient.
    • The design is the one requested.
    • The appliance fits the working model.
    • The appliance has no sharp or rough surfaces, edges etc.
  2. Fit the appliance to the patient and check
    • It fits properly.
    • The base plate fits closely.
    • The retention (Adams clasps) fit correctly.
    • It is not producing any discomfort.
  3. IF required, adjust the baseplate using the straight handpiece and acrylic bur.
  4. Adjust the active component e.g.Finger spring, Buccal canine spring, Z spring, Labial bow.
  5. Adjust the Adams clasps to ensure good retention.
  6. Instruct patient and parents on appliance removal, insertion and care.
    • Appliances are worn FULL TIME, removed only for cleaning.
    • Give patient a set of written instructions.
    • Make next appointment for 4-6 weeks.